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Easterseals provides programs and services to ensure that people with disabilities or other special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities. We provide programs in 47 counties in western and central Pennsylvania. Locally, we have the Lance and Ellen Shaner Child Development Center.  To learn more about the Child Development Center or Easterseals visit:  

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$40.00 ZS Zach Seyko
$80.00 D Don
Sir , we have a group of poker players with several of the players with the first name Mike. This morning at 315 AM "EASY" Mike became a grandpa. I am requesting a special note to go out to Mike saying congrats to him. Playing Ray Stevens " I'm my own grandpa ". I am also requesting a song by Bobby Bare titled Marie Laveau., for my wife.
$20.00 LB Lucas Bubb
Zac Brown Band _Colder Weather
$20.00 MB Matt Bortner
Jason, queue up the Metallica! Wherever I May Roam.
$5.00 RH Robin Hatcher
Please play Without You by The Kid Laroi
$100.00 AK Andy Kreiser
I want to pay 100 on Froggy to hear Justin Bieber "Baby" for my step daughter Olivia. Can i hear "My little girl" by tim mcgraw for my daughter Harper Rose? She is one but we will dance to this song when she turns 16. Please play "My life" by Rodney Atkins for my amazing wife.
$20.00 MS Mark Smith
Please play “Eyes of a Stranger” by Queensryche.
$50.00 BC Ben Cramer
Please play "Elevator Girl" by Babymetal (2019) on THE BUS.
? Anonymous
$50.00 TH Todd Homan
Please play some Pantera on the Bus to counter the less than normal stuff you had to play!